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Dental Care

Yorkies are prone to dental problems due to their small size. Learning how to care for his teeth at a young age will keep him healthy and extend his life.

Poor dental care or neglect will lead to excessive tarter build-up, gum disease and eventually tooth loss. With tooth loss comes digestive problems as well as the possibility of systemic infections affecting your puppy's organs such as heart, kidneys and liver. As you can see, your dog's teeth will determine his overall health and well-being.

Double Teeth — Check your Yorkies mouth regularly from 6 months and up until all their adult teeth are in. There should never be two of the same teeth residing next to each other. The presence of double teeth should be detected and removed by your veterinarian and is usually done when your puppy is neutered or spayed. Getting these extra teeth removed is again extremely important to your dog's health as food will get trapped in between and cause dental problems.

First and foremost have your vet check your puppy's teeth alignment. A vet will be able to look at your puppy's bite and decide if he needs teeth pulled to keep the bite in proper alignment.

Ideally your yorkie should have what is known as a "Scissors Bite" in which the teeth fit together neatly to cut food much like scissors. This is very important to their sensitive digestive system and everything possible should be done to preserve this bite as your puppy begins teething.

As your puppy teeths:

Make sure he has plenty of teething options. At this stage puppies begin to chew on anything and everything, some of which may be dangerous to him. Therefore identifying and providing approved chew items will keep him both healthy and happy as you praise him for his good behavior.

"HollingberryYorkies provides Raw Meaty Bones "RMBs" and believe they are optimally the very best method for obtaining healthy jaws, gums and teeth while promoting healthy fresh breath."

Brush teeth daily if possible or at least twice a week. Your local pet store has appropriate toothpaste and brushes for your pet. Start early encouraging your puppy to accept good oral hygiene.

If you find this too difficult, have your vet clean his teeth every two or three years as recommended. Understand to have your yorkie's teeth cleaned he will have to go under general anesthesia. Giving your pet "RMBs" will encourage healthy teeth and gums thereby eliminating dental visits primarily just for cleaning. You should always be his first line of defense against dental problems by caring for his teeth on a regular basis.

Lastly, make a visit for a dental check-up once a year with your vet. Even if your pet doesn't get a dental cleaning, your vet can assure you there are no noticeable problems and if there are, prompt treatment can follow.

Your Yorkie will thank you many times over for keeping his teeth healthy and giving him this gift of good health . . . And yes, Yorkies do —