Indoor Litter Training for your Puppy

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Indoor Litter Training

It is an easy, clean method to help us in the raising of our Yorkie furkins . . .
And there are so many advantages to litter training.

Our new yorkie families love it too!
Apartment dwellers with no yard can use a litterbox — no need to walk a dog when staying in a hotel,
or bad weather prevents you and your dog from being outside for too long.

Please note, Litter training does not mean your dog will never be able to potty outside. It is to help assist young puppies / dogs while being house trained. Puppies that are litter boxed trained can successfully use a litter box in addition to going outside. Depending on the age of the puppy when they leave our home, many will already be familiar with using the litter box and the outdoors.

Each pen will have a whelping area for the mother and her pups. Pens are large enough so as to allow puppies to move about freely. The litter area is close by and kept clean at all times. This system is using wee-wee pads underneath of specially designed grass mats with holes to allow the pee-pee to go through to the pad. These grass mats are stain resistant, odor resistant, water resistant, fade resistant and bacterial resistant. They are easily cleaned by running them under hot water. Just one grass mat can be used, however we recommend having at least two for convenience (perhaps placing one on two different floor levels) or an extra to take along on a trip. These mats or potty systems are primarily sold on-line.

NOTE: We are currently using a new product for indoor training. PISHPADS are a three-layer bonded construction that features a non-staining top layer for quick absorption, a middle soaker layer that collects liquid, and a stay-put waterproof barrier that protects the floor or surface. More environmentally friendly and cost effective than throwaway pads, Pish PadsTM are machine washable and can be used over and over. Easily cut to size with scissors. Sizes: 5-yd. roll in 24" or 36" width. Again these mats can be purchased on-line only. I believe they can be purchased as individual pieces but the rolls are more economical. Puppies can not shred or rip these to pieces. I love them.

Right from the very beginning, there's a game called "Follow-the-Leader". As the adults use our "Litter Training System" the pups automatically follow. We raise our pups in larger pens, with the litter system enclosed thereby allowing easy convenient access whenever "Mother Nature" calls. Our system is easy to continue and makes the transition into a new home environment less stressful. Your yorkie pup being familiar with this system is less likely to have accidents. Yorkies love to please their owners so remember a little patience and praise goes a long way in helping your yorkie be successful.

Some people prefer using the Litter System exclusively since yorkies do not need to go outside for daily exercise. This makes it extremely convenient for disabled people who would love to have a dog and not worry how they will handle potty issues.

An additional benefit for your little puppy is less chance of developing UTIs (uninary tract infections) brought on by having to wait long hours before relieving themselves. This system allows them to go when needed

General puppy potty training with dog pads:

  • Start housebreaking immediately and be patient. Puppies don't have bladder control until about 12 weeks.
  • Be consistent.
  • Your praise and/or correction must be immediate. Puppies cannot associate your response with an act that occurred a minute ago...they don't think like humans. They do want to please, but confusing them is counter-productive.
  • Say "no" firmly when the puppy is caught in the act of relieving himself in the wrong place — immediately relocate him to the proper location. Give lavish praise immediately when done right.
  • Create a large area with pads, preferably in a confined "special" area. Either use multiple pads, or a single large pad.
  • After feeding your puppy, place them in this designated area and keep an eye on them. Encourage them to relieve themselves here. After they do, praise them and remove them to another area.
  • Alternatively, instead of immediately placing your puppy in the designated area after feeding, you could carefully watch him for "pre-potty" behavior (sniffing/circling around, etc.). Then relocate him, quickly, to the correct area.
  • Keep repeating this procedure until the puppy knows that the pads are his place of "business."
  • Over time, you can make the spot smaller by using less pads and/or using smaller pads.
  • As the puppy learns, you will wash the pads as needed and desired. Your puppy will know his spot and will no longer need his scent.
  • Be consistent.

If you are OK with your puppy doing his business inside the house/apartment, you are done! If you want to encourage him to go outside instead of inside, do this:
  • Over time, move the pad closer and closer to the door (front or back as desired). Soon he is always going to the door.
  • Meanwhile, you are also taking him outside when you detect he is ready--so he knows that "outside" is a good spot.
  • Finally, you make the transition from the pad by the door inside, to the pad outside. Your puppy knows outside is OK, and he knows the pad is OK, and you will keep an eye on the door so you know when he is ready.