Lucky Lil Patty Girl — Pedigree

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Pedigree of
Lucky Lil Patty Girl
Hollingberry's Yorkshire Terrier, Patty
Patty is HollingberryYorkies only Dam that is not from champion bloodlines.

However, do not underestimate Patty's quality or the quality of her puppies!
Her picture alone shows she is really quite beautiful ... actually sweet is the better adjective for her and when she looks at just about anyone, well the heart starts melting and it is difficult not to pick her up and let her kiss you all over.

Patty will be mated to our New Stud, Mojo. With Patty's "Sweet" and Mojo's "Mellow" temperaments they will produce some of the most awesome "Companion Puppies". Of course these puppies will have extensive Multi-International Champion Lineage following each. While realizing "Show Quality" is not a must for most Yorkie Lovers, it does afford your puppy the "Great Look" recognized as the AKC Yorkshire Terrier Standard. If you're looking for a wonderful small companion with a sweet & mellow temperament wrapped up in great looks, then look no further than reserving a "Sweetheart" by getting on our "Wait List".

Patty a/k/a our "Lucky Lil Patty Girl" [born on St. Patty's Day] is a full-bred AKC Yorkshire Terrier and comes with all the wonderful attibutes of this beautiful and popular breed. Patty is on the quieter side with a laid back personality; however, as defender of our home she will make quite a Ruckus if she hears unfamiliar sounds. Patty is definitely my favorite girl, my little companion who is always ready for play, kissing and going bye-bye. She keeps me amused with her antics and her intelligence. Here's an example of some of the things she does that makes me laugh out loud. She's playing with a certain toy with me and another one of the girls comes along and takes the toy she was playing with first. What does she do ... Well she gets a different toy and brings it to me and acts as though this toy is the greatest toy possible. This of course makes the other girls want it and so as I throw the toy the others will chase after it, but not Patty, she will then go and retrieve the original toy. That's pretty sly! I'm just surprised the other girls keeping falling for it! She also likes to challenge me. She'll bring a toy to me, lay it on the floor and place her one foot on top of the toy. She expects for me to get it but I tell her I can't because she is standing on it or she is too far away. I wiggle my finger at her and tell her to bring it closer because I can't reach it. She'll bring it closer and then again put her foot on it. She must think I'm crazy because there is no way I could possible get the toy. I tell her "Patty, back away so I can get it" ... she'll back away and give me that sly look like "will you try to get it now?" but of course Patty is always faster than me.

(Due to an error on Patty's AKC pedigree papers we cannot upload a copy as of this date)

We should be receiving a new copy in the near future ... please check back for updated pedigree information.


Hollingberry's Yorkshire Terrier, Patty

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 Reputable Breeders


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