1 lb. Yorkie - Story of Tiny Pinocchio

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So who is Tiny Pinocchio and what is all the fuss about!?

"Tiny Pinocchio" is a well-known little "Yorkie" maybe even the smallest dog in the world and maybe he made a world record too on top of it all! He became a celebrity and was seen on various morning talk shows, the Wayne Brady and Oprah Winfrey shows — even written up in Time Magazine. "Noki" as he is called by his owner is a full-bred yorkshire terrier that weighs in at just 16 oz. or more exactly just 1 lb. Can you imagine just how small this little guy is?

Considering the health issues associated with what is known in today's market as "teacup" puppies, why would anyone who owns one be willing to further risk this young puppy's life by toting it around from show to show, airport to airport subjecting him to stressful events that even a normal pet would have difficulty dealing with. "Fame & Fortune". Basically it always comes down to these two things.

My heart goes out to "Noki" who lived just (2 years - 3 months) and to all the others that were just too small to make it. My prayers go out to all of you who see nothing wrong with deliberately breeding these small puppies and to those who want nothing more than to be noticed by having a so-called "teacup". As for making money off of the misfortune of these sweet little innocent puppies, you make me sick. To the media bringing light to such small puppies you are actually perpetuating irresponsible breeders and putting additional demand for this type of puppy. Again, it all comes down to ratings and in the end — money.

If a breeder says they "Specialize" in "teacups" RUN, RUN, RUN as fast as you can to a "Responsible Breeder" who truly cares for the health and welfare of every puppy they breed.

(see Noki's schedule below — then read the tribute to this young pup's life written by his owner)

TinyPinocchio - Exploited by Owner
TinyPinocchio - Exploited by Owner
TinyPinocchio - Exploited by Owner

Things we did in 2003

March 14th Tampa Bay News 9
April 11th (CBS) Channel 10 News Tampa
April 22nd St. Petersburg Times
April 22nd Channel 28 (ABC) Action News
April 24th Today Show (NBC)
April 25th Follow up story for (Taff) German television
April 24th (ABC's) Good Morning America
May 9th Time Magazine for Kids
May 11th CNN Sunday Morning News with Anderson Cooper
May 16th Wayne Brady Show (Syndicated)
May 20th

Oprah Winfrey Show (Syndicated)

Read more ...

Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story
Tiny Teacup Exploited
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie
Tiny Pinocchio - A Sad Story of a Tiny Teacup Yorkie

If you Want a Healthy Puppy ... Don't Fall for the Teacup Act!

At Hollingberry Yorkies it is our goal to breed the finest Yorkshire Terriers possible staying within the guidelines AKC established for this particular breed. It is our responsibility to you our customer, to our treasured "Yorkies" and to the many breeders that came before us to continue the ethical standards that resulted in such beautiful dogs.

We are "Breed Specific" meaning we only breed "Yorkshire Terriers" and are dedicated to excellence in these "Regal Dogs".

Please give much consideration to the health and suffering teacup puppies endure as well as associated vet bills and the undue suffering you will experience from a premature death of your loved one.

Please purchase a puppy for the right reasons, i.e. "companionship". They are not toys to dress up; they are beautiful living breathing sweet puppies that can be dressed and should be dressed under certain circumstances, but are not a designer accessory to show off.

Hollingberry Yorkies wishes you and your new puppy the very best and we will always be available to give additional support.