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Gus - 16 years young
Gorgeous Full Coat/Little Shedding,
Lean & Muscular, Active & Playful
No UTI's and no longer sick

A completely new approach to
the feeding and caring of our pets
Here are two beautiful examples of healthy pets ...
note the thick shiny coats, their bright eyes! ...
they have healthy white teeth from chewing bones ...
they are weight appropriate and have no health issues!

[What more as pet lovers could we want]

Beautiful Health Coat on Madison

Hollingberry's Champion-bred Dam
Gorgeous Thick Shiny Hair
Non-Shedding & Hypoallergenic
[as a breeder dog Madison's diet
consists exclusively of Raw Meat/Bones]

Pet Food Recall Overview

Dog eating food

On March 16, 2007, Menu Foods announced a nationwide recall of more than 40 popular brands of pet food. The contaminated products "including well-known brands like Iams, Eukanuba, Purina and Science Diet" were causing severe, and often fatal, kidney problems in dogs and cats. (Read More)


BARF -- Biologically Appropriate Raw Food

                    So what exactly is BARF ... ?

YouTube Video Lily

It is my belief that the "BARF" diet is the best, however a high quality holistic food
is appropriate for those who cannot provide a RAW diet.

Please listen to these audio recordings made for "Life Abundance Pet Food"
to get a better idea of what is actually in your Pet Food.
The information on these recordings regarding your pet's food is extremely accurate.
It is your job to provide the very best diet to give your pet the best health possible.

Veterinarian With 15 Years Of Experience Exposes Powerful Nutritional
Breakthroughs That Can Allow Your Dog To Live To 27 Years Of Age!

(Play the 2 special audio messages below to Learn How To add up to 10 years to your dog's life 12 min.)



Click Here To see exactly what Dr. Jane Bicks can give you that will add up to 10 years to your dog's life.

(For a list of holistic veterinary practitioners, contact the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association at 410-569-0795, or check the directories at

Pro-Raw Veterinarians      Find A BARF Vet

Veterans Memorial Drive Animal Hospital (NW Houston)
12315 Veterans Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77014
- Dan K. Ahrens, DVM
- M.A. Christ, DVM
- Howard Corley, DVM
- Lisa Knapp, DVM


VCRC (SE Houston)
Veterinary Chiropractic and Rehabiliation Clinic, PC
4604 Fuqua
Houston, Texas 77048
- Dr. Robin Robinett, DVM


Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey

EnergyVet-Dr. Stacy Curro DVM
View Vet Profile

"The Place" for pet owners who are
serious about their pet's health

Please be a responsible dog owner
The internet offers a wealth of information
whether raw, home-made or holistic
your animal will "thank you"

Click above for a list of frozen raw food
available for shipping.

Hollingberry Yorkies wants you to become good "Stewards" of your pets.

The information we gathered and linked together is designed so that we can help
take the mystery out of what an "Alternative Dog Diet" is and to give you and your puppy the best years possible.
The internet offers a hugh selection of recipes and information

Holistic — Raw Meat — Hypoallergenic Diets for Dogs — All Natural/Organic Diets — BARF Diet