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"Whoever said...you can't buy happiness
forgot little puppies..."
— Gene Hill

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Toy - Teacup - Miniature Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
From Our Loving Family ... to Yours

"A Puppy is as   'American'    as Apple Pie"

Announcement — Wait List Available!!
AKC Ch-Bred Rosey and WillowRose to mate
to our 3.3# Little Man, "Meeko" April 2018
Puppies Available Fall 2018 (October)

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Bring Home the Puppy of Your Dreams

215-743-4258 or dhollingberry@gmail.com

This is an "Active Website" ...
we are constantly updating new litter information,
pictures and other important information for our customers.
Please Enjoy!

Raising Holistic Yorkies    —    Bred to AKC Standards    —    2-Year Health Guarantee    —    Companion Puppies
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What are the "Advantages of Buying a Hollingberry™ Yorkie" ... ??
— please read this important information together with some
Important Warnings
  • Quality, Quality, Quality ... Backed up with a full 2-year Health Warranty. This is pretty much unheard of in the breeding world! We stand behind each and every puppy we sell and will always be a support for adoptive parents.   green arrow.png

  • Hollingberry's Dams are chosen from some of the finest lineage — World famous kennel lines such as "Judabob", "Brierly", "Rothby" and" Durrer" and as of mid-2015 we acquired two champion bred female Hungarian Imports with amazing lineage and another little beauty from Belarus also a champion bred gorgeous girl. (Please Note: A good pedigreed yorkie always has better health, better temperament, better disposition and of course is better looking. You may say you don't need a show dog, but I promise you that starting out with the best breeder dogs, then raising & breeding them to the highest standards, I can guarantee you will be much happier, have less vet bills, less heartaches and less worries!) Choosing premium dams is our first step to ensuring quality pups, but we go much further.  green arrow.png

  • We are breed specific — meaning we only breed "Yorkies". This is very important ... You can be 100% certain the puppy you choose is 100% "Yorkie" ... there can never be any oops if there are no other breeds. So this means as your puppy grows it will grow to be a true "Yorkie" and not a disappointing surprise down the road. Also being 'breed specific' we put all our time into learning as much as we can about this breed and can readily answer or get any answers to questions you may have.  green arrow.png

  • We breed to the AKC weight standard for "Yorkshire Terriers" between 4 - 7 lbs. Never will we breed any dam under 4 lbs., so this means we will never deliberately breed runts to achieve "Yorkies" 3-1/2 lbs. or less. Any breeder who breeds to achieve such small dogs is doing this beautiful breed an injustice and destroying the many years and hard work of the quality breeding so many before us dedicated their lives to. On occasion we may have a "tiny". We do screen all prospective customers to ensure finding exactly the right homes for all our puppies, especially the smaller ones.  green arrow.png

  • All breeders and puppies are raised and reared in a "holistic environment" — in our home as part of our family [not in kennel cages] thereby affording each the opportunity to be well loved and socialized.  green arrow.png

  • Mating is a selective process where we carefully look for an appropriate mate/stud that will produce the desired qualities and temperaments without losing sight of the true yorkie spirit that is so well loved.
        NOTICE:  We acquired a wonderful Multi-International European Champion Bred stud, "Mojo" to mate with our girls and he has proven himself quite successfully. He is absolutely beautiful and has the sweetest and most mellow temperament. We now have his son, Zack, who has proven himself worthy of sireing litters. Both Mojo and Zack range approximately 4.5-5#. Their pedigrees are "Exceptional" and their offspring will be a reflection of their beautiful lineage! Both have proven to produce some of the sweetest Yorkies I ever had. You should check out their profile and pedigree pages. So we have currently added a new little stud to our breeding program. His name is Meeko and boy is he gorgeous. He weights in between 3-3.5# and has the thickest, silkiest hair that just shines. Meeko has the sweetest temperament, is super intelligent and definitely a little lovebug for sure who has produced amazing puppies also.

  • Most Importantly, is the "Midas Touch" — this is what we believe makes true quality in our dogs. Each of our breeder dams (and now our new studs) are fed an exclusive "BARF" diet thus providing superior nutrition and health. This of course translates over to each litter ... giving each newborn puppy the very healthiest and best possible start. [ the quality of our puppies start not at conception but much earlier in the nature of our breeder dams and the way they are raised ]  green arrow.png

  • IMMUNIZATIONS [INCLUDING RABIES — depending on age of puppy] are provided prior to coming to their new homes, resulting in possible savings of close to $300 all the while ensuring your little Yorkie is vaccinated and safe to travel. [Depending on the age of your puppy, you may only need to fulfill your puppy's "Health Guarantee" by getting a Vet check-up.] All other norms are met such as tails docked, dew claws removed, "A Great Beginnings" puppy package, started socialization, crate training and indoor litter training, premium holistic puppy food — a transitional new bag will be provided in your puppy package), AKC registration papers upon spay/neuter confirmation, shipping at an additional fee [crate is included], documented growth pictures of each puppy will be placed on my website and/or my Facebook page, and of course payments can be made by US Money Orders and/or Cash.  green arrow.png

  • Last but not least ... HollingberryYorkies ™ will always guarantee your puppy has a home at our home should the need arise. Our love for our puppies will never allow for any of them to find their way to a shelter due to job loss/income, moving or any unforeseen circumstances. We will always be there to accept them back and do our best to rehome them with appropriate families.  green arrow.png
       Finally keep in mind the time, effort, money and devotion needed to care for a new puppy. If you have never owned a Yorkie previously, please do a little research into the breed and learn as much as possible before placing a deposit. We also highly recommend the BARF or RAW diet; however should this prove to be something you find you are unable to do, please consider a holistic diet.

       HollingberryYorkies ™ can help choose the appropriate diet for your pet to achieve long life & health. Read more here.

       HollingberryYorkies ™ discourages adoptive parents from purchasing two puppies at the same time whether from the same litter or two different litters or even from different breeders. (We recommend waiting approximately one (1) year so your puppy develops his/her own personality prior to another puppy being brought into your home. — Please click on the link below to understand the probable consequences of buying two puppies at a time.) Although this seems like a wonderful idea for the pups to have a constant playmate it unfortunately can cause some serious behavior problems resulting in rehoming of at least one or possible aggression towards each other and even sometimes towards their owners or other people. Never let any breeder persuade you into taking two pups at once [not even with a discount!] What You Should Know.

      Pam's Story —
Please read our Warnings at the bottom of our home page. Pam's story is one of our Warnings about a 2-year old Yorkie, perfectly healthy and suddenly becomes so ill he died from cardiac arrest. Was it Kennel Cough (is a vaccine enough protection for Kennel Cough?) and what can you do to safeguard your companion? Read Pam's Story Here.

       Thank you for considering a quality Hollingberry ™ "Yorkie" as your companion — 215-743-4258 — Donna / Administrator
So if you are looking for a Yorkie anywhere in the United States, whether its on the East Coast, West Coast, Pacific Northwest, the Southwest, Midwest, Northeast or Southern states, we have a puppy for you. We can fly your puppy anywhere (in cabin only) including Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. We will only fly puppies in cabin, meaning you will have to fly or pay a carrier to bring your puppy to you. Puppies will not fly alone.
We breed and provide Quality Yorkies similar to these other breeder sites: www.elvisyorkshireterrier.com/, www.goldiesyorkies.com, www.artistryyorkies.com, magnumyorkies.homestead.com, www.nataliesyorkies.com, www.yorkiebabiedolls.com, www.amazingyorkies.com, www.blumoonyorkies.com, www.starlightsyorkies.com, www.yorkiepassion.com, www.ajjlsyorkies.com, www.northern-lites.com, www.littleyorkies.com, www.carteryorkies.com, www.coronadoyorkies.com, however I believe the extras that I do helps ensure you will be getting the very best Yorkie as your companion.

Playtime is an essential part of socialization.

Where beautiful Yorkies "Live and Play"

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Madison (Top) - GiGi (Left) - Patty (Right)
HollingberryYorkies DAMS

The Finest AKC
Yorkshire Terrier Puppies
on the East Coast ...
Look no Further!

    Pictured left are three of Hollingberry Yorkies™ breeder Dams. Some refer to us as "Teacups", "T-cups", "Miniatures", "Micros" or "Purse Puppies", etc."Cute Terms" but actually we range in size from just 4-lbs to 6-1/2 lbs. well within the AKC standard for a "Toy Yorkshire Terrier".

   We have the puppy of your dreams!
     All Yorkshire Terrier puppies come with AKC registration papers and sold as companion pets with limited registration. Our puppies are bred and raised well beyond the AKC standards and we only place these sweethearts with "Exceptional Families" looking for "Exceptional Yorkies".

     We are quite aware there are many different types of Yorkshire Terrier breeders you can choose from depending on where you live, and what you are looking for. We also know there are future yorkie parents seeking to adopt (not just any Yorkie) but a premium quality "Yorkie" ... Through our dedication and our respect for these regal dogs it is our mission to breed that "Exceptional Yorkie" while selectively choosing quality adoptive parents to add to our ever-growing family.

     Most of our puppies will be the much sought after blue/gold silk hair t-cups and are bred for prospective pet parents looking to adopt a most exceptional little "yorkie puppy" into their lives.

     Our site is filled with valuable information related to caring for your YORKIE such as "grooming", "feeding", "dental", "basic training", "house breaking & indoor litter training", "micro-chips", "puppy couture", "shipping" and of course the most sought after information about "Teacup Yorkies" a/k/a"teacups" "minis" "tiny" "miniatures" "purse puppies" etc.

        Please visit "About Us"where you can get a better idea of what life is like for our girls and their beautiful YORKIE babies.

        Thank you for visiting Hollingberry Yorkies™
where Pennsylvania's finest quality YORKIES live and play.

Pennsylvania Puppy Lemon Law — Know Your Rights — Click Here

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What is the connection between Kennel Cough
& getting your Puppy Groomed? —
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BARF Diet can Save your Pet's Life —
Read this WARNING!

Why you shouldn't ever purchase two puppies at the same time —
Read this WARNING!

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